Frequently Asked Questions


Who should attend?

Strategy decision makers. The sessions will be relevant to anyone involved in the Strategy formulation to implementation process. This includes: Strategy Academics, Strategy Practitioners in Industry and Government, Strategy Consultants

Should I attend the conference in Melbourne and London?

Delegates will find it beneficial to attend the Melbourne Conference as well as the London Conference. Learnings and outcomes from the Melbourne event will be transcribed and explored further in the London Conference.


How do I submit a proposal?

We ask that authors submit their proposals via email to or through the online submission application form.

What are the submission guidelines?

We ask that all authors follow the submission guidelines provided in this web page for their proposal.

What is the deadline to submit a proposal?

The deadline to submit a proposal is July 31st 2017.

Is there a limit to the number of proposals I can submit

No.  You can be named as an author or co-author on any number of proposals.


What is a presentation session?

A paper session is composed of 3-4 proposals that are presented sequentially by their author(s) with a large proportion of time allotted for audience members to ask questions.

Can I influence the scheduling of my presentation?

Unfortunately, the predetermined structure of the conference prohibits a rescheduling of format.

Venue information

Where is the smiknowledge conference being held?

Melbourne October  wed.18th and Thurs. 19th (Venue to be confirmed)

London November Tues 14th and  Wed. 15th   (Venue to be confirmed)

Will I need to make my own guest room reservation?

Yes. The conference price does not include overnight accommodation.

Delegates are required to make their own accommodation reservations.

Conference registration

When does conference registration open?

Conference registration opens Monday 20th  February 2017, a policy of early bird pricing applies.

Do I receive a reduced conference rate as an smi member?

Yes.  Register in the members section for automatically reduced rate shown in the table

Is there a special registration fee for students?

Students are able to register at the Members rate. This conference is not specifically suitable to students.

I am an international guest and will require an official letter of invitation to apply for my visa

How can I request this letter?

Please contact the Executive Office at

Exhibitors and sponsors

How do I become a sponsor or exhibitor at the conference?

For information on attending the conference as an exhibitor or as a sponsor please email the Executive Office at