2017 International, 2 Day Conference

MELBOURNE: 16th & 17th October | LONDON: 14th & 15th November

Strategy as the enabler of change in

an era of unbounded disruption

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Grantly Mailes, holds a senior leadership role in the Technology Advantage practice of The Boston Consulting Group. As a serial entrepreneur Grantley is also an early stage investor in emerging technologies. He is the founding partner of Gecko Ventures and a general partner at Sapien Ventures, a FinTech focused venture capital firm with presence in Silicon Valley, Sydney, Melbourne & Shanghai. In addition to his investor roles, Grantly is the chief executive of Civic Ledger, a blockchain start up and a director of FinTech start up, Lantern Claims.


Anthony Claridge, has just returned from spending two years in Germany where he was the Chief Operating Officer of the ResMed German Healthcare business. This business is responsible for supporting 160 K patients with sleep and other respiratory problems. Dealing with a rapidly changing marketplace, where insurance payments were reducing whilst at the same time dealing with increased patient expectations required innovative solutions. During this time Anthony worked with the German market and looked to adjust the service delivery model to include a much greater use of technology, both in medical device hardware as well as software solutions.


John Toohey is Principal and Co-founder of AdjunctFinder.com an international, on-line recruitment service for business schools and is a Visiting Professor at Macquarie University, School of Marketing and Management. He was formally Inaugural Head of the Graduate School of Business & Law at RMIT University and Professor of Business Psychology. His work centred on managerial decision making, organisational performance and the development of capable, ethical and self-aware leaders. He has held senior positions in the private sector, re-insurance and in the public sector in health, community services and industry policy.


Dr. Zivit Inbar is the owner of DifferenThinking, a boutique consulting firm specialising in achieving growth by providing strategic people, culture and leadership services. An Adjunct Professor in the MBA Program at Deakin University (Melbourne), Zivit is a non-executive director, senior executive, advisory board member, and chairwoman with over 17 years’ leadership experience at board and executive levels. Zivit has a PhD by research focused on strategic thinking and strategy implementation by Western companies operating in China.


 For business and government executives:

• Open your eyes: Assess how you and your organisation can benefit from the emergence of the foregoing disruptors

• Contribute to the development of responses: Relate general concepts of disruption to your business model and assess what you can do to either protect your
organisation from disruption or, better still, position it for optimisation and growth.

• Identify new areas of opportunity: Consider new ways and places to collaborate, new approaches to the management of health, travel and work, benefit from
outcomes from the rise of the sharing economy and new opportunities emerging from the continued exploration of space.

• Dare to transform: Release yourself from outdated planning methodologies and engage in dynamic strategising systems, methodologies and processes that have
finally put the 5 years corporate plan to rest.

For academics:

• Refine your research agenda: discuss the problems currently facing industry, identify new research agendas and meet potential new research partners.

• Publish your findings: two journals will publish a special issue containing papers from the conference – the Asia Pacific Business Review and the
International Journal of Business and Globalisation.

• Engage with the latest research in a range of themes including: isomorphic responses to disruptive influences, institutional effects on disruption,
domestic versus global disruption, liabilities of size in relation to disruption responsiveness, system theories of disruption and the effect of the
magnitude of disruption on manager’s perceptions.


This conference is an opportunity for you to contribute to the identification of new and relevant strategy practices. You will be able to meet with leaders in strategy research, thinking and practice and be exposed to new ideas and perspectives and learn about where contemporary strategy practice is heading.

Have your say and learn from others: You are invited to attend as a presenter or participant. Either way you will contribute to our collective knowledge about ways to both respond and prospond to the disruption that will emerge from the inevitable: impact of digitisation and other technology, changes in societal norms and environmental tolerances and swings in political/super power regimes.

Have your say and contribute to others: This conference is all about knowledge sharing. While you can expect to learn from others, so will others learn from you. On that basis alone your contribution will be worthwhile.

Network and connect: Take the opportunity to connect with world business leaders – including, perhaps the opportunity to participate not just in our Melbourne conference in October but our follow-on conference in London in November.

Exercise your fascination with strategy tools: In the last session of this conference we will introduce a series of new tools and techniques that have emerged as key drivers of change, innovation and competitiveness.

Our aim is to bring together a broad spectrum of specialists from business, academia, consulting and government to examine the effects and challenges of emerging technologies and the associated disruption that will inevitably arise. We will be looking at these issues from both an Australasian and European perspective.


Have your say by initially uploading a one paragraph synopsis on one of the four strategy themes described in the ‘submit papers’ page. CLICK HERE

Then join in to develop outcomes as we explore one of four strategy themes.

Session discussion leaders by location:


  • Anthony Claridge (Global Strategy)
  • John Toohey (Psychology of Strategy)
  • Joe Voss (Strategic Foresight)
  • Paul Hunter (Disruptive Strategy)
  • Stuart Orr (International Strategy)


  • Prof. Richard Whittington (Open Strategy)
  • Paul Hunter (Disruptive Strategy)
  • Noordin Shehabuddeen (Strategy and Innovation)

This conference offers a unique perspective on strategy by bringing together ideas from two countries, linked by history and commerce, yet experiencing very different environments. In many ways, the UK's focus on trade with Europe and Australia's focus on trade with China have had comparable effects on the two country's industry structure and activity, yet the two markets couldn't be more different. Bringing together strategy researchers and practitioners from the north and south parts of the globe, we will provide participants with a unique opportunity to compare how theory and practice is influenced by the different characteristics of these two external environments.

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16th and 17th October 2017
Deakin University Downtown Conference Centre


Conference Program

Conference Program

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Conference Program

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Conference Co Chairs

Paul Hunter

Co Chair of the Melbourne and London Conference

Founder and Chief Executive of the Strategic Management Institute (SMI). He was responsible for the design, delivery and publication of the accreditation courses now delivered on line through the SMI web site. Paul has enjoyed an extensive career in a professional advisory capacity including that of partner with an international management consulting firm. Paul is the author of the book titled The Seven Inconvenient Truths of Business Strategy (Routledge, Nov 2016). He has also authored a chapter in: Raising the Bar at Mars University: in Rademakers., M. Corporate Universities: Drivers of the Learning Organization (Routledge, 2014). Paul is a qualified accountant and holds a Doctor of Business Administration
Paul Hunter

Stuart Orr

Co Chair of the Melbourne Conference

Professor in Strategic Management at Deakin University, School of Business. He has published over 100 articles and a number of books on strategic and international management. Stuart is an Honorary Professor of the Open University of Hong Kong and a Fellow of the Australian Finance and Treasury Association, Chifley Business School and the World Business Institute. Has held board positions in NGOs and major international research associations, such as the Decision Sciences Institute, as well as visiting positions at the universities such as Cambridge. Stuart is an experienced consultant, manager and owns a commercial olive grove.
Stuart Orr

Noordin Shehabuddeen

Co Chair of the London Conference

Noordin is Director of UWE’s Bristol Business Engagement Centre (BBEC) and Associate Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Noordin was previously Director of Business Engagement as well as Director of Business Incubator at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. Before moving to Australia, Noordin was Director of the University of Liverpool's Innovation Academy. After completing a Doctorate and a Masters degree in technology and innovation management at Cambridge University, Noordin led and conducted a number of industry-based applied research and consultancy programmes. He was also a Visiting Professor with the Government of Malaysia, where he was responsible for advising senior Cabinet Ministers on innovation, knowledge transfer, and R&D commercialisation.
Noordin Shehabuddeen

Amos Haniff

Co Chair of the London Conference

Subject Head of Strategy, Operations and Performance and Associate Professor of Project Management in the School of Social Sciences, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh. He has created a successful portfolio of postgraduate and Executive postgraduate programmes in strategic project management, including European funded courses. He teaches project management and strategy at postgraduate and executive levels, and delivers workshops in project management, strategic change and leadership to public and private sector organizations.
Amos Haniff

Mike Donnelly

Conference Chairman

Professor Donnelly has held positions of Head of School and Dean of Faculty in UK and Australian Business Schools over a 35 year career. Currently Mike is Honorary Professor of Management at Heriot-Watt University, an Honorary Fellow of the Strategic Management Institute of Australia, and Adjunct Professor with the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia. He was chief of staff to the First Minister of Scotland and a special adviser to the Secretary of State for Scotland and the UK Home Secretary. He continues to advise senior politicians in Scotland.
Mike Donnelly

Melbourne & London